SHANIECE JONES is a Los Angeles based personal stylist and lifeSTYLE manager.

 As a Connecticut native and New York City dweller who did not have the option of studying fashion while in high school or college, her previous stint working for a hedge fund inspired her to become an entrepreneur and pursue a creative career. Although she learned a great deal productively allocating the use of other’s finances while at the hedge fund and did her best to fit in, the investment environment didn’t suit her. This prompted her to begin her tenure at the internationally recognized Fashion Institute of Technology where she later attained two consecutive internships with the stylists of Kanye West and recording artist Monica.

In an oversaturated industry with an abundance of stylists, she continues to pave her own path using ‘PERSISTENCE’ as the driving force in anything and everything she does. She constantly combines her interest of music, sports and fashion. While others aim to be in the spotlight styling celebrities or becoming celebrities themselves - she has built her company playing close attention to the brand building of high-net worth individuals and their businesses off camera and off the court.

Shaniece confidently educates high net worth individuals (athletes, celebrities, executives, public figures) on the power of building their visual brand while living in an organized environment day to day, giving back to her clients their most precious commodity: Time.